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    How to enrol as Employer?

    1. In the home page, scroll down to the section “Post a Job Today” and Click Enroll as Employer Button.
    2. Terms and Conditions Page will open. Click the check box below and then click Accept and Continue.
    3. The online registration Page will open.
    4. * Marked fields are Mandatory.
    5. In Account Information section, Enter Office Email Id and Password. Please note this email Id and Password will be applicable for login to your dashboard. The email Id should be the office email id and not any personal email id so that in case any person left the company, the newly hired/allotted person should have the access to the email id.
    6. Password should be minimum 8 characters long and have at least One Upper Case Letter, One Numeric Digit and One Special Charater.
    7. In Company Information Section, enter the following details:
      1. Organization Name
      2. Industry Type
      3. Type Of organization
      4. Organization Sector - In case Organization Sector is Private, you have to upload the following:
        1. Organization Proof ID (Trade License/Certificate of Incorporation/Certificate of Registration under Society Act)
        2. Organization Profile
        3. PAN Card
        4. All uploads will be in PDF Format
      5. Established In
      6. Logo – Upload Image in JPEG/PNG Format
      7. No of Office
      8. No of Employees
    8. In Contact Information Section, enter the Address Details. In case the State is not West Bengal, District, Sub Division, Block/Municipality fields will be deactivated and you have to enter Pin Code Only.
    9. Further details to be added in this section are:
      1. Website URL
      2. Contact No (SMS will be sent in this Number)
      3. Fax
      4. Facebook (Enter Profile URL if any)
      5. Twitter (Enter Profile URL if any)
      6. LinkedIn (Enter Profile URL if any)
      7. Google Plus (Enter Profile URL if any)
      8. Pinterest (Enter Profile URL if any)
      9. Description (Here you may enter the details about your company if you wish to share with Job Seekers)
    10. In Contact Person Information, the following need to be added:
      1. Contact Person Name
      2. Mobile
      3. Designation
      4. Email Id
    11. Click the check boxes for two declaration and finally on clicking Update Profile and Save button, the online application will be submitted for approval to Directorate of Employment and one temporary registration will be generated and will be displayed onscreen and the same can be downloaded from the link below in that page. Please note that you will get a single option to download the temporary registration details. If you leave the page without download, you will not get a option later to download the same again and you have to approach the Directorate of Employment.
    12. Whether the application is approved or rejected, in the both the cases you will get the information in SMS which will be sent to your registered Mobile No. 
    13. In case of approval of your registration, Your Final Registration ID will be sent through. You have to quote the allotted Registration No for communication with Directorate of Employment in future.