Terms and Condition

Service-Counter is a separate domain in Employment Bank where individuals having skill in some trade / profession / service will post such skill with expected remuneration per hour / per day/per piece rate. On the other hand individuals in search of such services will post their requirements and will get list of service providers as per such requirement.

Service Seekers (those who will search for services in Employment Bank) are advised to read the Terms of Use carefully. Acceptance of the Terms of Use is necessary for further access to the web portal.

Directorate of Employment, Labour Department, Government of West Bengal reserves the right, to modify the terms, either partially or fully at any time.

The Service Seekers shall not use any information of Service providers owned by the Employment Bank West Bengal for any purpose other than fulfillment of service requirement.

Any attempt to use of this web site for Trafficking in and sexual exploitation or sexual matchmaking of human beings or for promotion of pornography or for activities in contravention of provisions of

Immoral Traffic(Prevention) Act, 1956 are emphatically prohibited and shall be sternly dealt with.

At the time of enrolment of the Service Providers, Employment Bank West Bengal does not guarantee the authenticity of information posted by them as the Employment Bank West Bengal, does not verify such information.  

The Service Seekers shall always act strictly as per law of the land in respect of any service taken from Employment Bank West Bengal or any service provided by the service providers through Employment Bank West Bengal.

Employment bank portal must not be used for causing social tension, anxiety, harassment, inconvenience or embarrassment, or disturbing the spirit of national integration to any person or group of persons. No one shall use the services for any illegal or immoral purpose with malafide intentions and ulterior motives'.

Penal action shall be taken against the service-seekers for violation of any of the terms of use and particulars of such persons shall be immediately removed from database.

For any settlement of any legal dispute, the jurisdiction shall be Calcutta High Court or subordinate judiciary as the case may be within territorial boundaries of West Bengal.

I have read, understood and agreed to the Terms and Conditions governing the use of EMPLOYMENT BANK