About Us

About Us

In the year 2011, Hon’ble Chief Minister conceptualized this e-Governance initiative with the ideas – (i) that the State would develop a job portal of its own, (ii) that the portal would act as a bridge / link between the jobseekers on one hand and job providers on the other hand by way of helping the jobseekers to find apt and decent job opportunities matching their skills and (iii) that the portal would simultaneously provide ‘time and cost saving’ online recruitment process to the job-providers all over the state by enabling them to access the huge validated database of jobseekers enrolled in the portal to fill up their vacancies.

The Employment Bank Portal was developed and designed by West Bengal Electronics Industry Development Corporation (WBEIDC) Limited in the year 2012. The development of the web-portal is a first-of-kind initiative of the Directorate of Employment which would serve as an interactive platform among three parties namely the jobseekers, the employers & placement agencies and education institutes & training providers.

The Employment Bank Portal is the only portal of the State to have a fully validated and verified huge database of jobseekers / unemployed youth with varied qualifications and skill sets. This is what makes it unique. In addition, (i) all the services provided through the portal are end-to-end online (ii) it has a well-designed Search / Filter / Sort tools for job providers to access the database of jobseekers, generate list of eligible jobseekers as per preference and recruit on an online mode, (iii) provision for Job advertisement / posts in the portal and Job alerts through SMS to jobseekers and (iv) all facilities available to the jobseekers and job providers and training providers/institutes are totally free of cost.

A derivative and sister-scheme of the Employment Bank is the Yuvasree Scheme, introduced by the Government of West Bengal on 3rd October 2013.

The unique features of Yuvasree are (i) online list generation of identified beneficiaries who are residents of the State of West Bengal having enrolled in Employment Bank Portal with qualification of minimum Class VIII pass and age within 45 years, following the norm of seniority of enrolment of the jobseekers in the Employment Bank Portal (ii) online submission of Annexure-I (Application Form) and offline Annexure-II (Unemployment Certificate) offline within the stipulated timeline and (iii) pioneer of the process of seamless integration with IFMS portal which enables payment of Yuvasree allowance of Rs.1500/- to 1 lakh beneficiaries through Direct Beneficiary Transfer (DBT) every month. (iv) online submission of Annexure-III (Utilization Certificate) after every six months in January and July of every calendar year by benefitted beneficiaries for continuation of their stipend money (v) no human touch point in the whole process.

The project won Skoch Gold Smart Governance Award 2017 and Skoch Order of Merit Award 2019 for its service delivery capability and uniqueness.

The impact of both the flagship e-Governance projects of Employment Bank and Yuvasree have been overwhelming and has been successful in penetrating to the grass root level and all strata of youth, both urban and rural have immensely benefitted from it.

  • Created a massive awareness amongst the youth cutting across the length and breadth of the State.
  • Easy accessibility of the features and information all related to career development of today’s youth.
  • Maintaining a huge database of jobseekers with varied skill sets.
  • Hassle-free and seamless transfer of Yuvasree allowance through Direct Beneficiary Transfer (DBT) using the IFMS portal.
  • Providing time-bound delivery of the services under the Scheme.
  • Quick generation of Reports and Returns which are required from time to time by different stakeholders of the scheme.
  • Ensuring transparency in the implementation of the various features of the portal.