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Employment Bank portal was launched by the Government of West Bengal on 26th July 2012. The basic concept of this portal is the creation of a State platform of digitized database for interaction among the jobseekers, employers & placement agencies, the education & training providers through web-based facilities. It has a two-fold objective of providing better employment opportunities to the jobseekers and fulfilling the manpower needs of the employers by way of providing access to a wide variety of the jobseekers’ data. It is the sole custodian of the huge database of unemployed youth with varied skill sets of the State.

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It’s a multi-faceted and layered question that provides tons of information about you and your motivations. It's time to explore new challenges and take the next steps in your career. But without a streamlined process you cannot find the desired job. Well, you can, but the process could be time-consuming and not to mention a big hassle. So why wait any longer? Register yourself in the state-of-art Employment Bank Portal of Government of West Bengal today and have a great chance to talk about your skills, link your experience, get regular updates on job openings, find relevant and ideal jobs effortlessly. It comes to you absolutely free of cost.

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Employment Bank Portal will be integral to all hiring processes, simplifying the procedure of recruitment through faster candidate search, easier job post visibility to large number of candidates, easy candidate screen process using varied search options, shortened hiring process, minimized hiring cost and, using it effectively ensures adequate results. It can help screen job applicants more efficiently without physically printing the resumes thereby saving time, money, and manpower and finally zero in on the right candidate for the right job quickly. And of course, not to forget the brand promotions!

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About Yuvasree

A derivative and sister-scheme of the Employment Bank is the Yuvasree Scheme, introduced by the Government of West Bengal on 3rd October 2013. It was launched with an aim to support the first 1 (one) lakh jobseekers registered in the Employment Bank portal with some financial assistance for enhancing their employability by undergoing some skill training and making them job-ready. Under this Scheme, the government is providing an assistance of Rs.1500/- (one thousand five hundred rupees) per month per beneficiary.


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Enrol your Institute as a Training Provider in Employment Bank portal and get access to the jobseekers’ database to conduct training programs to upskill the jobseekers.

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